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Website or It Didn’t Happen

What’s so wild about this is I remember when the internet first came around.

It really started to redirect how people would delegate their time and where they would focus their attention.

That was in the early 1990s and now look at us.

An online journal feels different

It can be a little cliché creating a website in this day and age.

There seems to be an elevated wanting to live a digital nomad life.

However, for us, when it comes to making sure we have tangible evidence in holding ourselves accountable, we felt this was the most appropriate platform in documenting our decisions and experiences.

What truly resonates with us is our ability to revisit each experience and reflect on the growth that’s come from carrying out the decisions we’ll be making.

There is just something about being able to look back at your past to see how far we’ve come, how much we’ve grown, where exactly life led us.

I think it’s becoming more apparent for many of us that there is some sort of outside help needed to stay the course in some aspect of our lives.

We believe this website can serve as additional help in keeping us on the path we wish to fulfill.

It just so happens outsiders are also able to tap into our personal life happenings, via this site, and either take something from it or critique us.

Heck, we don’t care.

We’re focused on ourselves!

What do your family and friends think?

Another big reason we came up with the idea to document our life’s decision making was to try and keep our loved ones informed.

We both have very large families so it wouldn’t be realistic to update everyone all of the time. 

It can also be pretty exhausting and neither of us like the phone all that much.

Sorry, not sorry.

Again, by utilizing a website (since everyone is already using it for something anyway), we feel we can display our progress in a more timely fashion, which will allow others to check in and get updates at their own convenience.

Personality-wise, we are far more interested in keeping our families in tune with our experiences post our decision making anyway.

We love each and every one of our relatives, but they do not have any influence on how we decide to live our lives or regarding the path we decide to take.

On another note, it still baffles us how people tend to make decisions based on what their family or friends think is best (or right) for them.

How someone else can determine what is best or right for someone else is way beyond us.

So…you’re not using social media?

Not shockingly enough (I say this because if you know anything about us then this wouldn’t be surprising), we both decided to delete our social media accounts at the end of December 2020.

Honestly, it just felt like a decision that was right for us at the time.

This doesn’t mean it will always be that way, as we have no problem adjusting our thinking based on how we see it fitting into our personal lives.

We are aware of the increased opportunities to showcase our decisions on such platforms, but it’s just not something we believe in right now. 

Regardless of how much popularity it can bring a person, cause or business. 

Money or popularity will ever be the reason we decide to follow through on something.

Like with many other things we tend to measure things off of pros and cons, and honestly felt like there were way more cons in continuing our participation on many of the popular social media platforms. 

There have been discussions about reopening generic accounts, strictly for business purposes, but we really don’t care for all that comes with utilizing these platforms.

Plus, our purpose is to engage in activities and resources that continuously better the world around us, while not providing any negative trade-offs.

Know how to capitalize off your efforts

It’s no mystery that everyone is trying to make money off of everything they do these days. 

Hey, the opportunities are out there, right?

While there are endless opportunities to engage an audience and create something for financial gain, we do not believe in making a means off of just anything.

The decisions being documented on this website will always come with the implication that we are attempting to share learned knowledge and better the environments around us.

If we are provided opportunities to partner with resources doing good for the world and earn some sort of financial benefit, then that will definitely be welcomed, but as ordered in this sentence, the baseline has to be on improving the world around us.

Upon creating this website we already had the idea we would try to establish a brand at the same time.

Without even thinking about it, we understand the opportunity we have to create a powerful resource that needs to be shared with the outside world.

Our brand is intended to become something that inspires the world around us to continue on a path forward.

Similarly, we have no idea where this could take us but we are willing to be open-minded and let it teach us a few things.

We love sharing resources with our communities

If there is anything we’ve learned in the last few years of our own personal lives it’s that COMMUNITY IS EVERYTHING.

But not just any community.

We say that because you can literally find a community for anything.

The problem is there are some suspect interests out there that have nothing to do with bettering the world.

In the same breath, the decisions visible on this website will be part of what we naturally feel and decide, but can also derive from other resources we come across. 

Imagine learning everything you possibly could and keeping it all to yourself. Then, it just so happens that everything you learned actually helped you to improve and make better decisions throughout your life. All the while, everyone else around you was stuck in a rut and having trouble figuring out a way to improve something in their own life.

How wrong does that sound?

One of our truest beliefs is that as we learn we should share.

Not only does this help with actually learning the new material, but it can also help to educate those around you!

Ingenious idea, right?

Sharing is, without question, caring.

We care about this website because we care about you.