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Challenging Society’s “Rules”

I’m not sure there are two individuals in this world that question the rules society has established more than us. 

There probably are but that was just stated for added emphasis to get our point across early about how much we try to be the creators of our own worlds.

No, really stop and think about why certain things are the way they are in the world. 

If you try and think back about where standards came from you’ll notice they were probably created by someone or a group of people who wanted to normalize some aspect of something. They were then accepted by the masses and established as routine and matter of fact.

As they evolve, there seems to be very little contention about why they were ever created. There only seems to be a means to tailor or slightly modify them to better fit with the current trends, but never diminish the rule entirely. For some reason diminishing a previously created rule yields great backlash.

However, there seem to be a couple of concerns on our end in regards to previously created rules or standards:

  1. What is the fundamental purpose the standard was created for?
  2. Why is it considered weird or abnormal to go against the standard?

When rules start to box people in and lessen their ability to be creative or think outside of the ordinary there has to be more of a negative effect to the rule. 

Plus, why can’t we decide what works for us – especially if it isn’t causing any harm to anyone?

News flash, we live in a dynamic world and there is not one playbook for everything.

Why do we follow made-up rules?

The progression of life has been one that has largely followed certain rules or standards.

But why must those standards be widely accepted?

Is it because most people don’t possess the ability to be creative and need definitive structure or guidelines?

Is it because they don’t care or think deeply enough to be able to fathom we are able to create whatever world we want (to a certain extent)?

Is it because they really think the rules that have been established were set in stone since the beginning of time?

Is it because they don’t want to be made fun of or looked at as weird for challenging what’s considered normal?

We understand that most people will always live in a manner that doesn’t challenge the status quo. Although there can be a variety of factors, we like to attribute this to not being as open-minded.

Always having an opinion about something, thinking there is one way to achieve something, feeling obligated to pursue something your heart is not in or accepting everything in life as matter of fact, are some ways these individuals can severely limit their ability to have unordinary and impactful experiences.

It’s understandable the most preferred way to navigate through life’s unknowns is to accept what everyone else has accepted, not challenge if what’s considered normal is not right for you, and take a similar path to what’s already been done before.

We are, by no means, saying this is wrong but just that this is unoriginal and inauthentic.

It probably goes without saying that we absolutely hate rules!

Why? Because things are allowed to frequently evolve and take shape to unique standards.


Okay, not all rules are unimportant

As much as this post is about not feeling the need to abide by societal norms, there are definitely some established norms that must be followed. 

Obviously, this world contains numerous aspects that cannot be re-created and customized to our own liking; we know we can’t just create our own currency and start using that to pay for things we want. Although, someone did create cryptocurrency and now the world is using that as a measure of monetary value – hmm.

That doesn’t mean you have to believe in the fixed rules, though. 

It’s clear that some things have to exist and that’s the way it is – sort of like air. That actually didn’t sound like the best comparison but the outside the box thinkers will get it.

When trying to interact with those from the “fixed” world or attempting to possess a highly utilized commodity, then you absolutely must abide by some of the same rules – duh. 

What we’re referencing is wholly what you are able to skew within your mind and how you decide to move forward with that.

We expect this content to raise eyebrows and cause some head-scratching, but that’s okay. 

That means this isn’t for those people and they aren’t ready to receive what wackiness we’re putting out there. 

They are probably better off abiding by societal norms and living fixed lives.

We have the ability to create our own world

Every one of us has the ability to create our own standards as we see fit into our own personal lives. 

Movie directors and authors are great at being able to create these sorts of different worlds.

The reason it may not feel like this is possible is due to the fact that so many people follow the same set of rules. This makes it harder to feel like you can go outside of the box and re-create your own reality.

Just know that deciding to go against the grain can create feelings or situations of ostracism.

Oddly enough, for us, this yields feelings of satisfaction and purpose since we are on a path to do different things in life.

Whenever anyone tells us we can’t do something unordinary, abnormal, or weird, then it usually means we should probably pursue whatever it is we’re seeking. 

Do you really think you’re going to achieve those extraordinary ideas you have for yourself if you are listening to people who live ordinary lives and abide by societal norms?

Again, let’s go back to the beginning of this post where it was mentioned that many standards in this life were created or manipulated by man, and probably for some sort of monetary gain if we’re being honest.

Nobody will ever have the right to box you in and tell you what is best for you.

The things you see for yourself can all be achieved by stepping outside of the norm and into your own journey.