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The Four

So your curiosity has probably led you to wonder why there are four words, right?

This is a completely fair and impactful question for us, as it really is the reason The Fourword Life exists.

In short, the words reflect how we decide to live our lives in a positive and self-honoring way. They describe what our areas of focus are, as well as how we choose to navigate through the unknown.

We chose to include and build off of only four words because of how simple and foundational it can be. If there would have been too many elements, then it would absolutely be more difficult to get our thinking across. Plus, when you keep most things to a minimum it can have a greater effect on the point you’re trying to drive home.

In our eyes, the four words we selected are words that can be the fundamental basis for all other characteristics we hope to elaborate on.

It will always be easier to establish a baseline and then branch off into different segments that are relatable to that core quality versus trying to be too inclusive, which can then confuse or lessen the overall impact of what’s trying to be emphasized.

The first word: OPENNESS

Have you ever tried to drink an ice cube through a straw before it melts?

While this might be a weird and head-scratching analogy, it should help to paint an accurate picture in a laughable way. 

The point was, water comes in various forms, right? Which one is more fluid or explorative?

The quality of being open can account for some wild experiences and accelerated growth. 

If you are willing to learn about someone or something and try something new out, then we can pretty much assume you are curious and don’t live with complete borders.

But why is it important to not be boxed in or have a fixed mindset?

We can’t speak for everyone else, but for us, having a fixed mindset means you are okay accepting things as they are and believe there is no way to enhance certain elements.

There is nothing that irks us more than hearing about or interacting with individuals who think things just are the way they are and don’t have any real hope or faith to achieve the unattainable.

From our experience, you can absolutely hear this when you speak to certain people who are unwavering and unwilling to expand their minds by trying to understand there might be more than one right answer.

Anyway, is there even a right answer?

The second word: GRATITUDE

Are you someone who is simply enamored to have a beating heart and have your feet touch the ground each morning?

If not, then why?

Ohhhhhh, you want MORE or BETTER or anything that goes along with that?

This one was a no brainer for us and absolutely had to be a pillar we lived by in our joint life.

There is one plain and stripped down statement we can provide when analyzing this one.

You do not have to be on this earth, breathing any of this air, or living ANY of the life you have lived.

Now, there are some really unfortunate situations that persist in the world we live in, whether it be genetically provided, accidental, or a number of other scenarios that make certain people or groups of people disadvantaged.

However, for most of us, there is nothing for us to even consider complaining about and the gift of a free life should really be a catalyst for the gratefulness you possess.

When gratitude is present, at all times, the amount of perceived “bad” things that happen to you can, without question, shorten the healing or recovery process.

Are you noticing a theme, yet? 
These first words are all triggered by the mindset you possess.

The third word: LOVE

Although some might think love and gratitude go hand in hand, we don’t feel the same way.

While gratitude tends to have more of an appreciative connotation to it, love tends to explain more of the natural feeling and desire for someone or something.

The other difference with this type of love is it’s not just an idea or a word.

People often talk about how they “love” something or someone, right?

We are challenging the usage around this word for a number of factors, which can be found below.

  • Love does not manipulate or feel manipulated
  • Love does not damage or feel damaged
  • Love does not judge or feel judged
  • Love does not use or feel used
  • Love does not have a monetary value

There can absolutely be more to that but we feel it’s a great starter when analyzing the metrics one might have around love.

For us, love definitely needed to be cemented into one of our foundational elements, as it helps us to tie our external world into our internal one.

This means our situations and experiences can help to teach us and shape us as we continue on but they cannot break us or the bond we have for one another.

It is also more of a mentality we possess to be able to remind ourselves that the situation or circumstance will never mean more than our relationship.

Every single thing we do can be worked through in a collaborative manner.

The fourth word: INTENTION

This is probably one our favorite words EVER.

Just saying this word makes us feel more empowered and whatever we’re talking about feel more important.

Truth be told, every situation can lead to an experience, but there is 1000 percent a difference between experiences and intentional experiences. 

We would argue that most people go through the motions and go into whatever situation they are in just because. Meaning they’re simply putting themselves in the environment and that’s it.

Okay, but what is it that’s trying to be achieved?

Some of you read that question and probably thought to yourselves – why does anything have to be achieved? 

It doesn’t. However, while the thought of achieving something tangible should not always be the goal, coming away with some sort of a direct learning or improvement should be.

Just because your body is actively doing something doesn’t mean your mind is automatically engaged.

By going into a situation with an intention we are able to accelerate our growth and make the experience more impactful and memorable.

Shouldn’t the goal be to have more memorable, intentional experiences in life?

When you look back at your life and reflect on all that you’ve experienced, the last thing you should want are feelings of regret, unforgiveness, dissatisfaction, or sadness.

Being intentional can create a greater sense of purpose and naturally allow you to be more mentally prepared going into whatever the situation may be.

And that, our friends, is how we live a Fourword Life!