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Our Decision-Making Documentary

So here’s the thing, we have found there to be countless websites (or blogs) that were created for the simple hope of making a few bucks. 

For most, the hope of making something out of nothing is likely due to the eagerness to accrue some sort of income. We are not a couple that believes in making money by any means necessary and what we do must provide value.

Our life standard is to consistently think about if what we’re doing is helping to bridge a gap somewhere, for someone or something.

A decision-making documentary is our version of a blog, but hopefully more impactful and memorable.

We guess you can kind of relate it to a personal journal or diary. The hope for making it public is to better actualize the ideas and reflect on the decisions we make. 

It can also serve as an online memory or photobook if you add pictures, videos or other media.

The more we are able to document instances that help to evoke action and energy within us, the better we feel we will be able to fulfill our purpose in life.

Don’t all thoughts lead to decisions?

In short, yes. 

With each known or unknown thought we have we are deciding whether to or not to act on it. 

The issue is most of our thoughts tend to possess some sort of negative connotation or repetitive nature.

Various references across the internet suggest the average human has about 6,000-6,200 thoughts per day.

It’s safe to say all of these thoughts should not be decided on, let alone had. 

When you think about what you want your life to look like, are you constantly thinking about all the bad that can happen? About all that cannot go right? 

God, we sure hope not.

So why do we, as people, give power to those thoughts that have no ability to produce momentum or inspiration toward what we truly envision for ourselves?

We decided long ago that we would never let our self-doubt win.

We would also be lying if I told you we only had a couple of action-provoked thoughts that come to our minds per week. 

The amount of positive and forward-thinking ideas we both have on a daily basis is absurd. 

Luckily, we are continuously learning how to create better thoughts, how to better prioritize which ones should be decided on and which ones should be put in thought-purgatory (yes, we just made this up).

For us to better move in the direction of our purpose we try to consider the following:

  • Does the particular thought instantly bring positivity to mind? (MOST IMPORTANT)
  • Does the particular thought coincide with any of our goals? (quarterly, annual, life)
  • What is the anticipated length of execution if the thought is decided, then acted on?
  • Does the particular thought make us feel light or heavy?

The truth is we wouldn’t be able to execute every thought that entered our brains, obviously. 

Being able to filter our attention to only those thoughts which drive our current initiatives is something that has improved with time and practice.

It’s worth mentioning that making a decision doesn’t only mean we are choosing to do something but it also means we are not choosing to do many things as well.

Ever decide to do something and never do it?

This has to be one of the most controllable mental deficiencies known to man.

Why have a thought take over your mind, joyfully make plans to act on that thought, but then never take the action to do anything about it? The reasons (or excuses) have to be infinite.

It’s like we are deciding to put our inner feelings and true desires on hold when we don’t follow through on these particular decisions.

The time is never right to put our feelings aside or on hold. Not for another moment. Not for another person. NOT EVER.

Suppressing the things you truly want for yourself can only lead to one of the following throughout your life: blame or regret.

Do you truly wish to be someone who 10-40 years from now holds some form of regret or blemish in your heart because you didn’t follow through on an action you decided you were going to take for yourself?

The fear of not knowing has to be greater than the fear of pursuing, right? 

(It’s highly recommended to read that last question more than once.)

We have collectively vowed to never let our insecurities get in the way of a better quality of life and we hope to inspire you to do the same.

What greater teacher is there in life?

Think about all of the experiences you’d have just by acting on a decision you didn’t or not acting on a decision you did. That’s pretty wild!

Every experience you have in your lifetime is the one you need to have and those experiences can greatly vary from another person’s. 

To go even further, there are some instances where you can take someone else’s knowledge into your decision-making to act on something you are deciding for yourself, but what we believe in even more is you just need to go out and do it.

As long as it is not something that would cause harm to you or anyone else, of course.

Whatever happens, happens. The gift is in the go.

Each of the opportunities you find yourself in can allow you to learn something you didn’t know before. 

And because it’s happening directly to you there will probably be a better chance that you’ll be able to internalize what’s going on.

The act of going through an experience is like practicing for something you’re trying to get better at.

Because of course, “when you [decide] something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” (Paulo Coehlo, The Alchemist)

How will you ever know what to improve on or if you even truly like whatever it is you’re going through unless you immerse yourself in it?

Whatever we decide to act on will only yield a wealth of attainment in the following categories:

  • confidence – by doing, achieving, and experiencing
  • resiliency – by failing and pushing forward
  • adventure – by committing and exploring
  • knowledge – by learning the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • humility – by interacting diversely
  • faith – by deeply believing in ourselves, our abilities, and our existence on this earth

Our biggest hope for you

As mentioned previously, we plan on using this platform as a means to bridge a gap, somewhere, for someone or something.

By no means are we respected experts in everything we’ll be documenting. 

However, we do have a diversified collection of knowledge around various topics and only plan to provide our firsthand account in the most original form. 

There will also be resources we hope to connect our audience with and those will be predicated on our utilization or understanding of them.

We, whole-heartedly, believe this will be our launching pad in moving forward in the direction of helping to better all of our environments – internally and externally.

This decision-making documentary might not be followed by millions, but it will be impactful for us and hopefully inspire those who choose to act on their curiosities by learning about our experiences.

Go forth and live fourword!